About Us

We’re Vico, a new sustainable natural deodorant small business based out of Ireland. 

Our deodorant is free from nasty chemicals like aluminium and paraben. Our deodorant is also sustainable, our packaging is biodegradable. 

The idea of Vico Deodorant came out of frustration. 

We found it very difficult to find a natural deodorant that actually worked in Ireland. Many of the larger international brands didn’t ship to Ireland. The natural deodorants that did ship to Ireland didn’t work for us or smelled kind of funky. 

We decided to take matters into our own hands. In January 2021 we decided that we were going to spend all of our free time (thanks level 5 lockdown) creating a natural deodorant that actually works. 

We spent all of February and March getting feedback from friends, family and email subscribers who have volunteered to try out our deodorants.  

After 15+ different formulas we finally created a deodorant that worked great and smelled amazing. 

Much love,