2021 in Review - Vico Natural Deodorant

Vico Natural Deodorant Orange Blossom

As we move into 2022, we wanted to reflect on what has been an extremely rewarding and crazy year for Vico Natural Deodorant. We launched in April 2021 following three months of strict lockdown in Ireland. We wanted to look back on how far we’ve come since then. We also wanted to share what some of our plans are for 2022.  

January - March 

In January, we were in the midst of a nationwide level 5 lockdown which didn’t really have an end in sight. We had a-lot of spare time on our hands so we decided to try and make our own deodorant. We started doing a deep dive into what makes a natural deodorant great. We began exploring different ingredients and methods of manufacturing.


After three months of testing formulas on ourselves, our friends and family, we finally found a natural deodorant formula that worked! 


We launched Vico in April, 2021. We started off with just one scent; lemongrass.


We were absolutely blown away with the support we received. 


In fact, we were so blown away and shocked by the support we received that we ran out of stock two weeks after launching! We spent the following days and weeks frantically calling our suppliers for emergency supplies.


Towards the end of the month RTÉ includes Vico Natural Deodorant in the article ‘3 companies helping the environment in the personal hygiene space’. This was our first ever feature and we were over the moon to receive it.


Our Instagram account got hacked just as we were beginning to gather traction. We had some pretty cool people who were following the original account like GAA star Bernard Brogan. Unfortunately, a-lot of people who engaged with our first Instagram still haven’t realised that we have a new page. But we’ll get the word out to them eventually!


We finally manage to restock our deodorant. 


We then got featured in CorkBeo.ie 


This leads to us running out of stock again due to unprecedented demand. 


Based on feedback from customers we decided to retweak our formula. Our new formula is launched in early July and people love it!


We added a second scent to our natural deodorant collection; Lavender.


People absolutely loved it and it turned out to be a big hit!


We launched our special edition Mayo Natural Deodorant to celebrate the Men’s All Ireland Senior Football Final. This marked our first ever special edition scent.


We added a third scent to our natural deodorant collection; Orange Blossom.


We had initially planned to launch a grapefruit scent but the formula and scent didn’t really work out.


The Orange Blossom Scent turns out to be a massive hit, even bigger than the lavender!


We received our 100th five star review! 

We launched our natural deodorant set which includes all three of our scents; Lemongrass, Lavender and Orange Blossom.


Vico Natural Deodorant is featured in the Irish Examiner’s 2021 Christmas Gift Guide.


We received our 200th five star review, marking another important milestone. 


We ran out of stock.. again. 


We tried to order deodorant tubes well in advance of the festive period. Despite this we still got caught up in the supply chain crisis!


Tubes that were meant to arrive at the end of October are pushed back until the first week of November, then the second week of November, then the first week in December and so on. The tubes finally arrived on Christmas Eve, too late for us to ship for customers. 

What’s in store for 2022? 

Without giving too much away, we have A-LOT planned for 2022. 


Here are some of our plans: 


We have a sensitive range in the works as well as some new scents! 


A new style of tubes will be launched in January 2022. 


We will be using an even better natural deodorant formula with new ingredients. We have been working very hard with a natural personal care expert to improve our formula significantly. 


We are partnering with two new organisations to help give back to the planet every time someone buys a deodorant. 


We are redesigning our website to make it more user friendly. 


We have a bunch of special edition deodorants that we can’t wait to announce. 


You will see Vico Natural Deodorant stored in a number of shops around Ireland!

Thank you

We want to give a special thanks to everyone who supported us in 2021. We have come across some amazing people who have been so kind and helpful to us. Without these people we simply would not exist.


Our dream is to become a household name in the deodorant scene in Ireland. We want as many people as possible to make the switch to a healthier, natural and eco friendly deodorant.