About Us

We’re Vico, a new sustainable natural deodorant small business based out of Ireland. 

Our deodorant is free from nasty chemicals like aluminium and paraben. Our deodorant is also sustainable, our packaging is recyclable. 

The idea of Vico Deodorant came out of frustration.

One day Ben, the founder of Vico was in his room getting ready for the day. Ben sprayed a regular aerosol deodorant beside his girlfriend Marie, who immediately told him not to spray it so close to her. When Ben asked why his girlfriend replied that there was all sorts of chemicals in mainstream deodorants that can be bad for you. 

We began looking at the ingredients on the deodorant and realised that we couldn't even pronounce half of the words listed. When we looked up the ingredients we read about the potentially harmful effects chemicals like aluminium can have on a person's health.

Another big problem we came across was impact that antiperspirants and deodorants have on the environment. We found out that 15 BILLION pounds of plastic waste is produced by the deodorant industry each year. 

We learned about natural deodorants and started searching for an alternative to the mainstream brands we were using.

We found it very difficult to find a sustainable natural deodorant that actually worked in Ireland. Many of the larger international brands didn’t ship to Ireland. The natural deodorants that did ship to Ireland didn’t work for us, used plastic packaging or smelled kind of funky. 

We decided to take matters into our own hands. In January 2021 we decided that we were going to spend all of our free time (thanks level 5 lockdown) creating a natural deodorant that actually works. 

We spent all of February and March getting feedback from friends, family and email subscribers who had volunteered to try out our deodorants.  

After 25+ different formulas we finally created a deodorant that worked great,  smelled amazing and used sustainable packaging.

Not only that, we managed to source almost all of our ingredients and packaging from small Irish suppliers!


We decided to try and sell Vico to other people who were as frustrated as us. We were overwhelmed with the response and positive feedback people gave about Vico Deodorant.

A big plus for people was that Vico Natural Deodorant is an Irish brand and that the deodorants are actually made in Ireland! Another big positive is that our deodorants are made in small batches a few times a week meaning that people receive fresh deodorants when they order. 

To help with the demand and running of the business Ben has gotten lots of support his family. We now have a solid family run team that help with all aspects of the small business. 

Our dream is to become a household name in the Irish deodorant scene. We want people to make the switch to a healthier deodorant that's no only good for them but good for the environment. 

Much love,